Troublemaker Firestarter is a biannual poetry chapbook specializing in LGBT+ and feminist topics.

Our Mission

Our goal is to excite poetry lovers. We welcome the uncomfortable and controversial. New, bold, and proud poets should find their home here. 🙂

Lead Editor

Created in 2021 by David Schweizer. Their poems have appeared in Ergi Press, Line+Stars, Moonstone Arts, and other places. They like new forms and poems that make them gasp.

Associate Editors

Jason Lob is a linguist from Boston. He appreciates translations and spliffs.

Taylor Berardi is a chemist who likes to be left alone. She loves BTS and the moon. She believes in climate action now!

Jean Pabon works in advertising. He enjoys writing on his typewriter and being young on a Friday night.

James Goymer is currently 26 years old. He is studying education at Miami Dade College and has worked various restaurant jobs. He is currently a server at an upscale New American restaurant.

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